Mazda6 Estate, Not Any Sedan Fair

Wagon or estate car type is not as popular sedan models. But for some, the estate car has classy style.

In Indonesia alone is rarely sedan without this special luggage space. But in Europe or America, the sedan variant was quite a lot of fans.

Previously, we never know the Volvo V70. Very rare here. This car appeared in the 1990s. According to records, the Volvo V70 is present in the world from 1996 to 2016. There are three generations of the sedan without this special luggage space. Volvo itself has other models are included in the estate class. V40 smaller than the V70 and V90 with bongsor figure.

In addition, Chevrolet never brings Estate in Indonesia. His name is in accordance with the model, the Estate. This car uses the platform Chevrolet Optra (sedan). Estate introduced in Indonesia in 2006.

Later Eurokars Motor Indonesia (EMI) as the official distributor of Mazda in Indonesia launched Mazda6 Estate. This car comes complete existing model, the Mazda6 sedan.

Historically in Indonesia, Mazda also has a wagon shape. Still remember the figure Vantrend in the 1990s? But now the Mazda6 Estate is a model which has attractive design with modern technology.

Based poll done within the last week, there are many who prefer this model. There are 66 percent of readers who loved There is no detailed explanation. It could be love because of outside most of the cars here or indeed car enthusiasts without special baggage. You all decisive.

Radical Ducati Fairing Preserve

Ducati MotoGP say that they will maintain a radical fairing design that has been used since pre-season test in Qatar last month. Even so, they have yet to be sent to the organizers of the official design. launch on Saturday (01/04/2017), they will first do some testing before the new fairing registered. Because, if already registered, they will not be able to do any changes.

“We have no plans to formalize it (the new fairing) for now. We are still developing it,” said a spokesman for Ducati.

So far there is a new fairing which is named “Hammerhead” is yet to show maximum performance. There are still many drawbacks than advantages. “Negative occurred in the middle of the corner. It’s about balance,” the spokesman added.

However, so far the positive things already experienced riders. Andrea Dovizioso for example, said that he was pleased with this new fairing. “We will use it throughout the season. But this is still being developed,” he explained.

The new fairing, as known, is the answer to the banning of winglets starting this year. New fairing serves to increase downforce, aspects that previously contributed by the winglets.

The Ducati fairing is called the most radical among other teams belong. In Hammerhead, there are two big winglets tunnel on each side, but the middle part (nose) narrow. Such as the car’s design is similar to the single-seater racing.

Record MURI record Freestyle Motorcycles in Otobursa

Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) for the first time record freestyle motorbike in Indonesia. This record happened in Otobursa Tumplek Blek, Jakarta, Saturday (01/03/2017). This achievement was obtained using 50 units of Suzuki GSX-S150.

A record that was officially named “motorcycle freestyle action with the number of participants and the largest motorcycle using one type of motor in the same time” was registered in 7871. Numbers MURI Book Submission made by the Deputy Director of MURI, Osmar Universe Susilo.

Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) for the first time record freestyle motorbike in Indonesia. This record happened in Otobursa Tumplek Blek, Jakarta, Saturday (01/03/2017). This achievement was obtained using 50 units of Suzuki GSX-S150.

A record that was officially named “motorcycle freestyle action with the number of participants and the largest motorcycle using one type of motor in the same time” was registered in 7871. Numbers MURI Book Submission made by the Deputy Director of MURI, Osmar Universe Susilo.

Interesting Facts Credit Car Buying

When buying a dream vehicle, prospective customers will certainly faced with two choices of payment methods, namely cash or credit. However, for most consumers who have a mediocre funds, but in desperate need of a car or motorcycle, definitely choose to buy on credit.

Indeed, when buying a car on credit, need not require substantial funds, and only have to pay a down payment of alias advance to bring home favorite car or motorcycle garage to the house.

When buying a car or a motorcycle, a lot of interesting facts that can be found, one of which must be confused chose dp’s low or installments. Here, it is interesting when choosing a car or motorcycle membeeli summarized

Choose low or Installment DP’s

As already discussed, certainly problems for consumers who want to buy a car or motorcycle on credit, confused between DP select low or cheap mortgage.

Do not be confused, as described Nurfitriavi, Associate Planner Rules of the Fund, to choose between lower DP or cheap mortgage, should return clay financial condition of each. Thus, for each person must have different purposes.

“Then again there are considerable savings, and already collected can select a great DP. By doing so, the mortgage can be lighter and not too heavy expenditure per month,” said the woman who was familiarly called Fitri when contacted, some time ago.

However, for those who do not have enough savings, can select a cheap mortgage. By doing so, have a car or motorcycle dreams do not have to wait long. However, when choosing a DP’s, try to select a large installment tenor of the moment, that is not too big to pay interest.

“The point is just one, the amount of credit debt, whether a car, motorcycle, or other installment no more than 30 percent of total revenue,” he concluded.

Note Car Needs

Before deciding to buy a car on credit, Financial Planner, Mohamad Andoko, advises consumers to pay attention to some things.

First, consumers should consider the needs of the car with the allocation of funds. Then, calculation is able to pay the installments regularly offered and notice the flowers as well.

“Often people do not know the interest rate offered. Most of it (for a car loan) interest flats. He must pay interest on the total initial loan,” he said.

Based on the search, the interest offered by banks or finance companies vary. Well, trying to calculate how much to pay when customers buy Daihatsu Sigra X-type 1.2 A / T is priced at USD 137.650 million with a 30 percent down payment.


They found a variety of flowers range from 4.98 to 8.15 percent. With a down payment of 30 per cent (USD 41.295 million) and a 4.98 percent interest, a tenor of 48 months, consumer installment to be paid Rp 2,407,269.

Practical, cost installments over 4 years for Daihatsu Sigra Rp 115 548 912. This number is actually 19 percent bigger than the principal.

Meanwhile, when the tenor of 12 months with a 30 percent down payment installments of Rp 8,349,161. The total mortgage with a tenor of 3.9 per cent greater than the principal.

On that basis, Andoko asking consumers to consider the true interest to be paid. “The longer the tenor, the greater the interest that the consumer must pay,” he said. Andoko also suggest to the consumer to compare the amount of interest offered between banks or other financial institutions.

select Insurance

For consumers who buy a car or motorcycle on credit, do not forget to choose the right insurance. The role of insurance is quite important to disentangle anxiety if one day something happens with our vehicles, for example accidents or loss.

Note well, insurance premiums and claims are given for favorite vehicle, and do not be lulled by low premium, but claims offered is not appropriate.

The Rich Also Credit

Who said, consumers who buy a vehicle on credit has a mediocre fund. Apparently, too many rich people who buy a car on credit.

Even luxury cars, as described Agi, staff Mandiri Utama Finance, rich people are also often buy a car worth ‘billions’ rupiah ansur system.

“The difference is they do not take a long time. On average tenor of one year. In this case our program is suitable for them,” says Agi some time ago.

Planning Buy Motor Notice These Things

When buying a motorcycle course there will be various types of motorcycle financing is done from the financing in cash, purchases on credit, and others.

The purpose of all the financing it just to get the motor. However, if you know any of this type of financing when buying a motorcycle will certainly vary accumulation calculations.

There are more expensive, and it may be cheaper. Here are five factors that can be done consideration when choosing a motorcycle financing as quoted, Thursday (09/15/2016):

1. It is better to pay in cash

There are so many motorcycle dealers who provide convenience to get your favorite motorcycle. Usually the dealers provide the details of the credit that can be done to get the motor.

However, you should not be fooled by the strategy he is doing better find out the net price of the motor.

Because usually they mengiming-imingkan low prices despite the bike through credit financing. It is better if we do a comparison before buying first.

However it is suggested better performing motorcycle financing with cash or without the credit process. Because in addition to ease of payment will be a lot of bonuses that will be given later on if you buy a motorcycle in cash.

Find High Credibility

2. If you want a credit find a high credibility

If in the end you still want to buy a favorite motorcycle with the credit system. Find high credibility.

Not that you take out a motor loan for 4-5 years. But here is the credibility of flowers dp of the motor.

Note any given bid. If it can not be too long in taking credit motorcycle motor price certainly would soar and this will certainly hurt yourself.

A bit of advice is better to use a credit or your bank can work together with the bank’s paid his motorcycle to the dealership later with the bank.

Because of interest in the bank is not too large compared to having to pay each installment motor is of course the sellers of motor gain immense profit from each transaction motorcycle financing with the credit system.

3. Credit Financing shall be bound rules and sanctions

Again, motor credit financing system is no fun. Besides the price could soar.

Turns motorcycle purchased with credit financing is bound by rules and sanctions already agreed in advance at the time of the transaction.

Of course this is very comforting customers. Because it is the one – the only one for the motorcycle dealers to sell the bike with a credit system.

Usually given rules and sanctions related to the payment of credit. So bottom line if your motor credit payment problems or experiencing obstacles on the way to be sure your favorite motorcycle will be withdrawn by the dealership.

Benefits of Pay Cash

4. Buy cash to insurance

These advantages of buying a motorcycle in cash. That can free insurance provided by the dealership.

However, insurance is usually given is also not possible just a few months and even years. But this is the privilege of buying a motorcycle in cash would be many other bonuses that would be obtained later.

Unlike the motorcycle financing by way of credit that would be very troublesome and must be quite detrimental to the buyer.

5. With the cash certainly easier and safer

The purpose of words above are referred to the motorcycle financing in cash. It is impossible to buy a motorcycle on credit would be easy of course, have to pass through various processes ranging from photocopying paycheck, monthly income, and many others.

Which of course this will complicate the buyer if it wants to take the motor by means of credit financing

Therefore, we suggest it is better to buy in cash the products of your favorite motorcycle. If the money has not been collected can be saved or invested money in advance which of course you will get later.

If the money has been collected in excess of the price of your coveted motorcycle. Should not hesitate to go to the nearest motorcycle dealer and buy a favorite motorcycle with cash financing.

Interesting Facts When Buy Cars, Anything?

Vehicles seems to have become a major necessity for the people of Indonesia. By having a car or motorcycle, believed to help mobilize in carrying out daily activities.

With the increasingly congested road conditions, as well as a high congestion, it seems not something that can be discouraged consumers to buy his dream car. However, when choosing a car that would be purchased, it is not uncommon potential consumers feel confused, because so many models offered in the market.

In addition to these facts, there are many interesting things were found when someone wanted to buy a car, and, try to break it down:

Credit or Cash?

When intending to buy a car, in addition to confused to choose the model, must also torn between buying on credit or cash?

Actually, these two methods together to help people to have a dream car. However, two of the payments system, it does have advantages and disadvantages of each, and stay adjusted to the financial capabilities of potential consumers.

Usually, those who have enough money will directly pay cash, but who do not have enough money to be willing to buy the credit system.

If you look at the advantages and disadvantages, for a cash purchase, the advantage is definitely the funds paid in accordance with the price of the vehicle purchased. However, it will take longer to have a car, because it must go through the process of collecting sufficient funds.

As for credit, get a car without waiting for considerable savings, but the losses have to pay the price of the car plus mortgage interest, and the number would exceed the price of the vehicle purchased.

Find Information Through the Internet

Normally, for car buyers, have been looking for information first about the model that will be purchased over the internet. Required information, such as prices, specifications, and credit simulation has been first obtained in cyberspace.

So, when a prospective customer comes to the dealership, only to see the unit you want to buy or test drive.

It remains essential, especially during a test drive. Consumers can take advantage of it, to feel the car’s performance, or to ask and consult directly with a sales related to the car to be purchased.

Ensure Sales Service

For prospective customers, you should choose a car with a qualified after-sales service. Make sure the dealer or authorized repair shop near the place of residence or work, that will make it easier for service or periodic maintenance.

Choose a Reliable Vehicle Insurance

Car owners, whether purchased by cash or credit, must choose a reliable vehicle insurance. It is, to reduce anxiety when something unexpected happens, such as accidents and loss.

Find information about car insurance, which provides the best guarantee for the vehicle. Do not just be tempted cheap premiums, kept scrupulously insurance facilities supplied by each company.

Do not be tempted DP or Installment Offers Lightweight

When deciding to buy a car on credit, usually the dealer offers two attractive options, namely the DP’s or mild installment. Do not be fooled, because they also have advantages and disadvantages of each.

It should be stressed, if you have enough savings to pay the normal DP download options. Because, with normal DP, then installments per month as well as the tenor taken will not burden consumers.

However, for those who do not have enough savings, please select the DP’s. However, try to select a large mortgage and tenor of the moment. This is getting too large, the interest to be paid when the car loan.

However, all of that back to the consumer needs and financial condition. Choose wisely, which should be taken when buying on credit.

Strange, Men’s Select Rustic Car Collecting 340

Mike Hall, this Canadian man has a hobby that is quite unique, because he has been one who likes to collect cars rusting.

Reported by Jalopnik, Friday (31/03/2017), this 60-year-old man admitted to having 340 vehicles of various types and different brands.

According to Hall, he has collected cars since the age of 20 years. All the cars are stored in an empty area of ​​five hectares legacy of his grandfather.

He says he got the cars come from various places, ranging from landfills, fields, up to a garage owned by individuals.

Although it has a collection of rusty cars, Hall said that several cars of which have been carried out restoration. But now, Hall plans to sell his collection, including the land they occupy

“The other day I passed, I bahagi. But the next day I woke up, what I would do (with these cars). If I died tomorrow, my wife will be stuck with all these cars, “said Hall.

As for all the cars, land, and property in the land will be sold with the tag of US $ 1 million or around Rp 13.3 billion.

If you buy the land, means we can get some rare and classic cars like the Ford Model T, 1927, 1947 Ute Mercury, Dodge Coronet, Dodge Super Bee, Pontiac and Chevrolet Chevelle Beaumont Elementary School in 1968.

If it has been sold, Hall seems to have been prompted by his wife cautioned not to collect old vehicles longer.
It should be noted, Hall apparently did not sell the unit, whether it’s just the cars, or land and buildings, but prospective customers should buy it thoroughly.

8 Facts LED lights are not You Know

LED lights, or light emitting diode, is one of many types of lights that exist in the world. This light source can be mounted on many things, including a motor vehicle headlights.

There are many reasons why vehicle owners prefer to use this lamp than other types of lamps. Bulb for example. Compared bulb, LED clearly better in many aspects. LEDs shine brighter, but with lower power consumption.

Similarly, the service life aspects. LEDs have a longer life.

However, the LED remains negative aspects. First, the entire series or LED module must be replaced even if only one light that died. Second, because it’s white, it is actually less than the maximum in giving visibility when it rains.

All the above descriptions are general facts which may have a lot of people know. However there are some other interesting facts related to LED. Anything? Adapted from page, following his review:

1. LED is a type of solid-state lighting that uses semiconductors to convert electricity into light.

2. There are already 49 million LED lights installed in the United States (US) during 2012 ago. This figure is calculated to save annual energy costs of US $ 675 million. It is said, if all the lights replaced the LED, two decades later the money saved could reach US $ 250 billion, plus reducing the 1.8 million metric tons of carbon emissions.
This is a rough count in the US alone. Of course the figure will be even greater if the calculated worldwide.

3. Between 2011 to 2012, global sales of LED bulb that replaces rose to 22 percent. It is estimated that in 2030 sold 75 percent of the lights are LEDs.

4. Since the US Department of Energy started researching the solid-state lighting in 2000, this project has received 58 patents. Several patents discuss how the development of new materials, increase the intensity of light, as well as solutions to several issues of LED.

5. LEDs do not contain mercury. A study by the US Department of Energy even concluded that the environmental impact is much less than the LED bulb.

6. LEDs are already used in many once objects. Including traffic lights, brake lights, TV, and others. This was partly due to the unique LED characters, such as compact size, easy to fix, and the light is focused.

7. LEDs use far more energy efficient than light bulbs. While 90 percent of the energy out of the bulb is hot, then the LED does not.

8. LED with good quality can last more than 25 thousand hours, or 25 times more durable than the bulb. 25 thousand hours is equivalent to more than three years, assuming it is turned on 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.

3 Facts Power Steering Problems

Features power steering in cars, are now becoming the standard for added convenience and safety for the rider. However, by driving less precise, it can create a power steering problem.

If it were so, it would have resulted in the steering wheel felt heavy when moved, or popping sound if the car through roads damaged or perforated. So, how the heck do I detect power steering having problems?

Described Tarno, Mechanical Mady Jaya Motor, power steering damage can be seen from the leakage of the power steering oil. Typically, these marks can be seen from the power steering that still use a hydraulic system.

The color of power steering oil red, and if it is a drop from the part, meaning that there is a problem with the power steering us,” said Tarno, when talking with in his shop, Jalan Jalan Radio Dalam Raya, No. 99A-B, Kebayoran Baru , South Jakarta.

Moreover, if the current steering wheel feels heavy when played, and not behind the steering wheel to its original position when rotated, then it could be a sign if the power steering is having problems.

“Then arose the sounds on the power steering, it also could be a sign of a problem,” he concluded.


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